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ITM Build Tools

ITM Build Tools shall help to ease and harmonize e.g. the coding style in our ITM projects.


We use Checkstyle to enforce certain coding style guidlines. Checkstyle can be executed with Maven.


In your POM add the following sections:


Generate a report on the command line:

$ mvn checkstyle:checkstyle site

This generates a checkstyle reportand a HTML page. Using the target site we assure, that all css-Files, etc. are avaiable. The html page(s) is(are) located at ${module}/target/site/checkstyle.html.

If you are only interested in the plain report, you can leave out the site target.

More info can be found at: Checkstyle Project and Maven Checkstyle Plugin.

What if my code exceeds the 120 character line limit?

Here are some examples how this situation can be handled:

Example 1: Conditions in if-statments

 if (authenticationManager.getSecretAuthenticationKeys() != null
         && !authenticationManager.getSecretAuthenticationKeys().isEmpty()) {

Example 2: Long method signatures

 public List<SecretReservationKey> makeReservation(final String rsEndpointUrl,
                                                   final List<SecretAuthenticationKey> secretAuthenticationKeys,
                                                   final ConfidentialReservationData confidentialReservationData)
 throws AuthenticationException, ReservationException {

Example 3: Constructors with many arguments

 public ReservationEditPresenter(final WiseUiGinjector injector,
                                 final EventBus eventBus,
                                 final ReservationEditView view,
                                 final ReservationServiceAsync service,
                                 final ReservationManager reservationManager,
                                 final ReservationMessages messages) {

Example 4: Long assignments

 final SecretReservationKey secretReservationKey
    = new SecretReservationKey(data.getUrnPrefix(), data.getSecretReservationKey());

Example 5: Long class signatures

 public class SimpleSerialPortConnection extends AbstractConnection 
	 implements SerialPortConnection, SerialPortEventListener {