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This is an amusing little program that lets you play with some particles. I created this in high school and have left the code unchanged for the most part so please don't judge me too hard for the mistakes of my past. This code isn't exactly wonderful, but the result is pretty amazing.

Among some small things that I did modify from the original code... I moved some constants to the top of the main.c file that you can change to alter the behavior of the program slightly.


To build, run from the top level directory of the repo (or in other terms, the directory that contains The command the build script runs is simply gcc `find . -name "*.c"` -lSDL, so you can run that directly if you prefer.

You need to make sure SDL 1.x is installed on your system along with the necessary development headers. On Fedora, you can run yum install SDL SDL-devel to get everything. If you are on a different Linux distribution you can just search your package index for SDL and you should find the necessary packages (yum search SDL or aptitude search SDL).

If you are on Windows or Mac you may have a tougher time getting SDL on your computer. If you'd like assistance with it feel free to email me at the email on my profile, though be warned that I don't often do C development on either of those platforms and will be trying to figure it out alongside you.


I dedicate this code to the public domain. Specific terms are described in the Unlicense.


An interactive particle effects program created with SDL.




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