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Lua port of @neauoire orca for monome norns
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Orca is a visual programming language, designed to create procedural sequencers on the fly.


Timber engine


Please refer to original docs


  • A add(a b): Outputs sum of inputs.
  • B bounce(rate mod): Outputs values between inputs.
  • C clock(rate mod): Outputs modulo of frame.
  • D delay(rate mod): Bangs on modulo of frame.
  • E east: Moves eastward, or bangs.
  • F if(a b): Bangs if inputs are equal.
  • G generator(x y len): Writes operands with offset.
  • H halt: Halts southward operand.
  • I increment(step mod): Increments southward operand.
  • J jumper(val): Outputs northward operand.
  • K konkat(len): Reads multiple variables.
  • L loop(step len val): Moves eastward operands.
  • M multiply(a b): Outputs product of inputs.
  • N north: Moves Northward, or bangs.
  • O read(x y read): Reads operand with offset.
  • P push(len key val): Writes eastward operand.
  • Q query(x y len): Reads operands with offset.
  • R random(min max): Outputs random value.
  • S south: Moves southward, or bangs.
  • T track(key len val): Reads eastward operand.
  • U uclid(step max): Bangs on Euclidean rhythm.
  • V variable(write read): Reads and writes variable.
  • W west: Moves westward, or bangs.
  • X write(x y val): Writes operand with offset.
  • Y jymper(val): Outputs westward operand.
  • Z lerp(rate target): Transitions operand to input.
  • * bang: Bangs neighboring operands.
  • # comment: Halts a line.

IO / Norns operators

  • ' timber engine(sample octave note level position): Triggers sample player.
  • " timber param(sample param value): Sets timber param on bang.
  • / softcut(playhead rec play level rate position)
  • \ softcut param(playhead param value): Sets softcut param on bang
  • > g.write(x y value): Sets grid led on bang.
  • < y): Reads specific coordinates. If value > 6 outputs bang.
  • : midi(channel octave note velocity length): Sends a MIDI note.
  • % mono(channel octave note velocity length): Sends monophonic MIDI note.
  • & midi in(channel): Outputs midi note
  • ^ cc in(cc): Outputs midi cc value
  • ! cc(channel knob value): Sends MIDI control change.
  • = OSC (path;x;y..): Locks each consecutive eastwardly ports. ; is delimeter for values
  • $ r.note(mode scale): Outputs random note within scale.
  • ? levels(param value): Sets selected volume level on bang
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