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axcmp commented Sep 12, 2019

Suggesting the implementation of logarithmic and exponential functions into Tidal.

log function prototype

log x base

Base could be optional, with e being the default value.

Example results:

log 1000 == 6.907755278982137

log 1000 10 == 3

log 1000 2 == 9.965784284662087


d1 $ s “sample”
	# speed (slow 2 $ log ((run 100) + 1) 100)

exp funct

juliendorra commented Oct 3, 2017

Adding a trailing comment to a line with slashes, the purple color for comments backtrack and now start from the first slash in the line, instead of the double slash that start the comment.

(trailing comments are useful and can be better for readability if well used)

See captures below:

![capture d ecran 2017-10-03 a 17 21 38](

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