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Svetovid Lib

This is a supplement Library for Introductory Programming Courses in Java

The library is focused on easing input/output operations in Java, which can be quite hard for novice programmers.

What's inside

The library provides class that acts as an entry point to various functionalities of the library. As a convinience, the library also adds a Svetovid class to the default package so that these functionalities can be accessed without any imports, as easy as the System class.

Similar to the standard System class, the Svetovid class provides fields in, out and err to access standard input, standard output and standard error output.

How to install and use

The easiest way to use the library is to copy the jar file to the lib/ext/ folder of the installed JRE or JDK. There is also a system wide lib/ext folder that can be used. Another way is to add all the files to the working folder or to the classpath. For more details and notes about some specific editors and IDEs take a look at the documentation folder.

For usage information checkout the documentation folder. Some usage examples are available in org.svetovid.demo.

Building from source

There are convenient tasks defined in the ant build script to build the sources, create distributable jar files, converting the end user documentation from markdown to HTML, generating the java-doc API, and packing up the documentation in a zip archive for distribution.

The default task (which is run if you just start ant with no parameters) lists the available options and offers to build everything.

Build dependencies

  • Java compiler version 7 and up
  • ant for the supplied build files.
  • ant-contrib for HTML documentation generation
  • pandoc for HTML documentation generation

The library itself should compile successfully with any java compiler version 7 and up, without any additional dependencies. It was tested with openjdk7, as well as Oracle's JDK 8.

There is a supplied build.xml file for ant, but the library can also be compiled directly without any additional tools, or using alternative tools.

The ant build has an additional dependency on ant-contrib, but only for the generation of the HTML documentation, all the other task will perform as expected with a potential warning message.

The conversion of the user documentation from markdown to HTML is done with the pandoc software, which should be installed on the system and accessable from the system PATH. For more information about the software and instalation options check out Pandoc website


Supplement Library for Introductory Programming Courses