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Polycode is a cross-platform framework for creative code.
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Assets Makes PolyUIMenuBar more customizable (Fixes: #387)
Bindings Tweaked binding generation to allow for receiving charCode from Input…
CMake Merge pull request #457 from Adnn/master
Core/Contents Disabled touch and pen APIs in release build
Dependencies Switched polybuild to use libarchive instead of minizip in order to (…
Documentation Fix Documentation being broken by some too new options not supported by
Examples Merge branch 'master' of
IDE Merge pull request #607 from fodinabor/transformFix
Modules 2D Physics bodies now set correct rotation in child entities
Player Merge pull request #507 from fodinabor/InputFixes
Standalone Fix archive.dll not being copied along with the Player (Issue mention…
Tools Meshes now use direct arrays for vertex information storage making re…
.gitignore WGL extensions now properly intialized. Antialiasing now works on Win… Build instructions more concise Fixed Linux build script
CMakeLists.txt Drastically sped up skeletal animation, optimized render array creati…
LICENSE.txt Updated license year
README Replaced LUA with Lua in readme
Toolchain-mingw32.cmake Replaced path on my system with placeholder path in toolchain file.


Polycode is a cross-platform framework for creative code. You can use it as a C++ API or as a standalone scripting language to get easy and simple access to accelerated 2D and 3D graphics, hardware shaders, sound and network programming, physics engines and more.

The core Polycode API is written in C++ and can be used to create portable native applications.

On top of the core C++ API, Polycode offers a Lua-based scripting system with its own set of compilation tools. The Lua API mirrors the C++ API and can be used to easily create prototypes and even publish complete applications to multiple platforms without compiling C++.

Polycode is available under the MIT license and was designed and developed by Ivan Safrin.

Please see for instructions on how to build Polycode from source.
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