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Ember SVGJar

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The best way to embed SVG images into your Ember application


  • a visual workflow to find and use your assets the fastest way possible
  • automatic SVG optimization (it can cut file size by half or more)
  • work out of the box (no configuration needed)
  • an easy to use helper {{svg-jar "asset-name"}}
  • support for both inline and symbol embedding methods

Why does this matter?

I know why. Just show me how to get started.

Switching from Font Awesome to SVG will save you 80 Kb or even more:

  • original Font Awesome is about 149 KB as TTF and 88.3 KB as WOFF
  • it includes 634 icons and you need just some of them usually
  • 20 Font Awesome icons in SVGJar will be about 4.3 KB (you save 84 KB or 145 KB as TTF)
  • 50 Font Awesome icons in SVGJar will be about 9 KB

You can get Font Awesome icons as individual SVG files from font-awesome-svg:

git clone git@github.com:ivanvotti/font-awesome-svg.git

SVG vs icon fonts

If you can go IE 9+ and Android 3+, SVG is a better solution than icon fonts. Also if your images are multi-coloured or involved in animation, you actually have to use SVG.


$ ember install ember-svg-jar

Start in 4 easy steps

  • Put some SVG files to any place in your project's public directory (e.g. get some from font-awesome-svg)
  • Run the development server and open this link with Chrome: http://localhost:4200/ember-svg-jar/index.html
  • Select any SVG there and press Enter to copy it to the clipboard.
  • Paste it into any template and see it rendered in your browser.


Drag and drop SVG images to your project's public directory and copy & paste them from the assets viewer to your templates.

The viewer is available at: http://localhost:4200/ember-svg-jar/index.html

Assets from Node modules

By default ember-svg-jar looks for SVGs in the public directory. To get SVGs from node_modules packages or any other directory you will need to add them to ember-cli-build.js like this:

  var app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
    svgJar: {
      sourceDirs: [

Click here for more configuration options


Note: Ember SVGJar should be useful without any configuration. But it wants to be very configurable when it's time to adjust it for your needs.


Use the svg-jar helper to embed SVG images to your application's templates.

For the default inline embedding strategy you can write:

{{svg-jar "my-cool-icon" class="icon" width="24px"}}

The helper takes an asset ID and optional attributes that will be added to the created SVG element. The example above will create an SVG like this:

<svg class="icon" width="24px">...</svg>

For the symbol strategy you will need to add # to the asset ID like this:

{{svg-jar "#my-cool-icon"}}

In this case the result can look like this:

<svg><use xlink:href="#my-cool-icon"></use></svg>


Latest ember-svg-jar 1.X.X currently supports:

  • Node 6.* || >= 8.*
  • Ember >= 1.13.13

The old addon versions <= v0.12.0 are compatible with old Node and Ember 1.10.1 and beyond.


Q: Will the asset viewer affect my production build size?
A: No, it won't at all. The asset viewer is included in development mode only.

Q: Can it find SVG icons outside of the public directory, e.g. from node_modules?
A: Yes, it can import SVGs from any directory defined in the sourceDirs array.

Development setup


  • git clone <repository-url> this repository
  • cd ember-svg-jar
  • npm install


  • npm run build

Running tests and linting

Run all tests and lint code (npm run lint && npm run nodetest && ember test):

npm test

Test node modules (src directory):

npm run nodetest

Test Ember related code:

  • ember test
  • ember test --server
  • ember try:each

Lint all code (src, addon, app, node-tests, tests directories)

npm run lint

Running the dummy app

For more information on using ember-cli, visit https://ember-cli.com/.

Asset viewer

The viewer is a separate Ember application, which repository can be found at this link.


This project is distributed under the MIT license.

GitHub @ivanvotti  ·  Twitter @ivanvotti