Adds profile fields to an object, extends the addressable module
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SilverStripe Profileable Module

The Profileable module adds typical profile fields like address, email, profilepicture, etc to an object by extending the addressable module. It inherits all functionality from the addressable module like automatic geocoding.


Quick Usage Overview

Install the Addressable module first! In order to add profile + address fields (name, address, suburb, city, postcode and country, city, phone, fax, email, www, picture) to an object, simply apply to Profileable extension:

Object::add_extension('Object', 'Profileable');

Run dev/build and you will have a Profile tab in your backend for the extended Object.

To render the Profile just call this in your template: $getFullProfileHTML This will render the profile in semantic hContact mircroformat markup.

To configure the ProfilePicture Upload set this in your _config.php:

Profileable::$ProfilePictureAllowedTypes = array('png');
Profileable::$ProfilePictureFolder = 'youruploaddir';

You can use all functionality from the addressable module like: automatic geocoding

Object::add_extension('Object', 'Geocodable');

Or in _config.yml:

    - Profileable
    - Geocodable

define a global set of allowed states or countries


render a GoogleMap


Released under MIT License (i.e., do whatever you want with this and use at your own risk)