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StatikGMapsAPI Build & Test codecov

Kotlin library to generate URLs for Google's Maps Static API. This library allow to set all parameters like markers in a type-safe way and generates a valid Maps Static url. The implementation follows Google's official specifications and checks that all requirements are met before returning a url.

What is the Maps Static API and why use it?

Google's Maps Static API is a REST API to create a static map (meaning a simple image file) using the given parameters (for more detailed info check the official page). There are situations where loading the maps View from the Maps SDK for Android is overkill or, if you need to display a lot of maps, just to resource heavy. While the Maps SDK has a Lite Mode (which is indeed very similar to what this does) that can still cause issues (especially in RecyclerViews) that a simple image doesn't have. Just put the out of this library into your favorite image loading library (I recommend Coil) and you're done! Downsides are that you can't tap markers and that the Maps Static API is not free (you do get a $200/month credit though).


  • Ensure that Google's requirements for a valid url are met
  • Support all possible parameters
  • Automatic check that map size is within bounds (supports premium plan)
  • Typesafe parameters: center, markers, path, viewport, zoom level, scale, map type, image format
  • Encode path using Google's algorithm
  • Automatically downscale image size preserving the ratio (default API behavior is to cut it off)
  • Specify locations using city names and other addresses
  • Style markers and paths
  • Set a custom map style
  • Automatic path compression if the URL length limit is surpassed
  • Android module with extensions for Android + GMaps Library for Android types


The size parameter is automatically downscaled to fit within Google's restrictions while preserving the aspect ratio. The premiumPlan and scale parameters are taken into account when deciding of downscaling is necessary. It is possible to disable this behavior by setting downscale = false.

Path Simplification

If simplifyPath is set to true and the resulting URL, after adding all parameters and (if set) encoding the path, exceeds 8192 characters the given path will be simplified using the Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm, increasing epsilon until the resulting URL does not exceed 8192 characters.

Sample usage

// supply your API key followed by a lambda to set the options
val staticMap = StatikGMapsUrl("yourApiKey") {
  size = 500 to 250
  center = StatikMapsLocation(.0, .0)
  markers = listOf(StatikMapsLocation(51.507222, -0.1275), StatikMapsLocation(address = "London"), StatikMapsLocation(48.8589507, 2.2770204))
  zoom = 4
  scale = 2
// get the url, this is where all specification checks are performed
val mapUrl = staticMap.toString()
// Result:,0.0&zoom=4&markers=51.507222,-0.1275|London|48.8589507,2.2770204

Full Reference

For detailed information on the parameters see the KDoc and the official specifications. Below assigned values are the defaults.

// supply your API key followed by a lambda to set the options
val staticMap = StatikGMapsUrl("yourApiKey", baseUrl = "customBaseUrlWithoutHttp") {
  // required
  size = null
  // either center & zoom or markers, path or visible required
  center = null
  zoom = null
  markers = listOf<StatikMapsLocation>() // each list entry equals one marker
  path = listOf<StatikMapsLocation>()
  visible = listOf<StatikMapsLocation>() // specifies locations that should be in the viewport
  scale = 1
  mapType = null
  imageFormat = null
  language = null
  region = null
  style = null
  https = true
  premiumPlan = false // set true if your API key belongs to a Maps API premium plan
  downscale = true
  encodePath = false
  simplifyPath = false


Step 1: Add the JitPack repository to your build file

allprojects {
  repositories {
    maven { url '' }
allprojects {
  repositories {
    maven { url =  "" }

Step 2: Add dependency

Available modules are core for pure JVM projects and android for integration with Android and GMaps data types.

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.ivoberger.StatikGMapsAPI:moduleName:latestVersion'
dependencies {


Kotlin library to generate URLs for Google's Static Maps API






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