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Ivy framework

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With intuitive interface, developing Ivy's nodejs applications is easy and fast. It provides you a fluent interface that you will love! Really high test coverege is there to ensure you that framework is stable and working as expected.

Why Node as a backend platform?

If you are reading this, you have probably already decided to go for NodeJS, but if not, we will give you a few things to think about. First, your development cost will be much, much, lower, Node uses javascript, so even a frontend developers can find their way through. Its fast, and I mean really fast. Development using ivy reduces the required time to build your app, and allows you to do so without getting a headache.

Documentation can be found here


Ivy installer is used to create new application boilerplate and setup the project in no time!


In your command line, write:

npm install -g ivy-cli 

for npm, or

yarn global add ivy-cli

for yarn, in order to setup the ivy installer.

After that ivy command is going to be available globaly.

To create a new project, just run:

ivy new ${project name}

for example ivy new blog, and a new folder named "blog", which includes the application boilerplate is going to be created.