Gedit set of plugins, tools, color schemes and snippets that will improve your work.
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Gedit set of plugins, color shemes, snippets.

This version is ment for Gedit 3 (from Gnome 3), if you are Gnome 2 user please check gedit2 branch.


rake install:local
sudo rake install:global


From now on you can use g 'file' command which doesn't block terminal. Enable plugins in gedit preferences, choose font (monaco, consolas or DejaVu Sans Mono are great), theme, right formatting, etc.


Just follow steps from installation. Gedit keeps configuration in dconf, so it's save.



  • Favorites - add file to favorites, plugin by Quixotix.

To Be Ported

  • Advanced Boomarks - Advanced bookmarking tool.
  • Align - Align blocks of text into collumns.
  • Class Browser - Nothing to add.
  • Code Formatter - Press Ctrl+Shift+F to format the source code.
  • Find In Files - Search within files of your filebrowser root.
  • Gemini - Smart completion of common characters we use in pairs. ({\["''"\]})
  • HTML Tidy - Clean up your web pages.
  • Pastie - Paste stuff to directly from your editor.
  • Rails Extract partial - Extract Selected Text to a rails partial.
  • Rails File Loader - Detects if a file is a part of a rails partial.
  • Smart Indent - Smart Indentation Plugin for Gedit.
  • Snapopen - Opening files via regexps.
  • Text Tools - Text Manipulation enhancements.


Those listed below (and more) can be found in this GeditPlugins bundle.

  • Word completion - Complete words.
  • Session Saver - saves, restores sessions.


Don't forget about plugins from gedit standard distribution:

  • Snippets

Additional snippets(to browse them use snippet browser):

Highlighting for:

Mime types for Rails.

Have fun!

Based on GMate by lexrupy.