Rust rewrite of the ixy network driver
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MIT licensed is a Rust rewrite of the ixy userspace network driver. It is designed to be readable, idiomatic Rust code. It supports Intel 82599 10GbE NICs (ixgbe family).


  • less than 2000 lines of Rust code for the driver and two sample applications
  • simple API to use, see this README
  • super fast, can forward > 26 million packets per second on a single 3.3 GHz CPU core
  • documented code

Build instructions

You will need Rust and its package manager cargo. Install using:

curl -sSf | sh -s -- -y
source $HOME/.cargo/env uses hugepages. To enable them run:

sudo ./

You can then either build the binaries and run them manually or use cargo to build and run them at once (see Usage). To build the binaries run:

cargo build --release --all-targets

The built binaries are located in target/release/examples/.


There are two sample applications included in the crate. You can run the packet generator with

sudo cargo run --release --example generator 0000:AA:BB.C 

and the forwarder with

sudo cargo run --release --example forwarder 0000:AA:BB.C 0000:AA:BB.D


src/ defines's public API.


examples contains all sample applications included in this crate.

Docs contains documentation that can be created and viewed by running

cargo doc --open


src/ contains the core logic.

License is licensed under the MIT license.

Disclaimer is not production-ready. Do not use it in critical environments. DMA may corrupt memory.

Other languages

Check out the other ixy implementations.