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HomeMatic addon to control Philips Hue Lighting


This repository is DISCONTINUED. Since I have changed my own environment to Home Assistant and ZHA, I currently have no possibility to further develop or maintain this addon. I only run a CCU instance as an addon in Home Assistant.


  • This addon depends on CUxD

Installation / configuration

  • Download addon package
  • Install addon package on ccu via system control
  • Open Philips Hue addon configuration in system control and add your Hue Bridges (http://ccu-ip/addons/hue/index.html)
  • Set a poll interval if you want to frequently update the state of the CUxD devices with the state from your hue bridge.
  • Click the bridge info button to see the list of lights, groups and scenes.
  • Click on Create CUxD-Dimmmer or Create CUxD-Switch to create a new device.
  • Go to the device inbox in HomeMatic Web-UI to complete the device configuration.

Multi-DIM-Device (28)

You can add the parameter bri_mode:inc to the command. This will keep the brightness difference of the lights in the group when using the dimmer.

hue.tcl usage

/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl <bridge-id> <command>


The bridge-id is displayed on the addon's system control


command description
request send a request to rest api
light control a light
group control a group

The request command can be use to send a raw api request. Philips Hue API documentation.

You can add the parameter sleep:<ms> to delay light and group command for the given milliseconds.


Turn on light 1 and set saturation, hue and brightness:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 light 1 on:true hue:1000 sat:200 bri:100

Increase brightness of light 1 by 20, decrease saturation by 10:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 light 1 bri_inc:20 sat_inc:-10

Turn light 1 off:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 light 1 on:false

Set color temperature of light 1 to 500 with a transition time of 1 second (10 * 1/10s):
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 light 1 ct:500 transitiontime:10

Start colorloop effect on light 2:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 light 2 effect:colorloop

Stop effect on light 2:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 light 2 effect:none

Flash group 1 once:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 group 1 alert:select

Flash group 1 repeatedly:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 group 1 alert:lselect

Set scene for light group 1:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 group 1 scene:AY-ots9YVHmAE1f

Get configuration items:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 request GET config

Get info about connected lights:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 request GET lights

Get configured groups:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 request GET groups

Get configured scenes:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 request GET scenes

Turn off light 2:
/usr/local/addons/hue/hue.tcl 0234faae189721011 request PUT lights/2/state '{"on":false}'


HomeMatic addon to control Philips Hue Lighting







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