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Guicavane: a graphical user interface for cuevana.

Guicavane tries to bring to the desktop the functionality provided by the website That is the posibility to watch series and movies streaming from a free online storage server such as megaupload.

Guicavane uses GTK toolkit for the frontend with Glade as ui design. For the backend uses a library made by Roger Duran, pycavane.

To download the source and start enjoying Guicavana run:


  • Python
  • Gtk
  • PyGtk (Ubuntu package python-gtk2)

Linux Users

$ git clone
$ cd guicavane
$ sudo python install
$ guicavane

Windows Users

You can download the windows installer from the Download button on the github page and install it as usual. Make sure to configure guicavane to use your favorite player from the settings dialog.

Current Version


Features List

  • Streaming movies and shows
  • Downloading movies and shows
  • Favorite's shows list
  • Cuztomizable player
  • Cuztomizable file name
  • Automatic marking of watched shows
  • Support for megaupload regular and premium account
  • Multiple hosts to download (e.g Megaupload, Bitshare, Filefactory and more)
  • Resume downloads on unespected close
  • Latest movies list
  • Recomended movies list
  • Multiple site support (cuevana, pelispedia, moviezet, cuevana using freevana)

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