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Welcome to the com.hephaestus.http wiki!

This is an Eclipse plugin used to manually construct and execute HTTP requests. It has been used to test REST-based web services.

The plugin creates an Eclipse View allowing the user to compose the appropriate HTTP interface. Current features:

  • GET / POST / PUT / DELETE verbs
  • Different types of entities supported for POST/PUT
    • Form Post Data
    • Raw Data w/content type
    • File upload support (multipart)
  • Complete header control
  • Proxy support
  • Control for strict enforcement of SSL/TLS
  • Return status code description
  • Response header display
  • Response body display
    • If response identified as binary, hex dump is displayed
    • If response identified as XML, pretty-printing support is provided.

This project is dependent on two other projects defined as repos in GitHub: com.hephaestus.utils and com.hephaestus.invoker.