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brubeck Updated brubeck to use schematics instead of dictshield May 9, 2013
demos fix for upload templates Oct 13, 2013
docs Updated docs by @dget Dec 13, 2012
envs pystache 0.4.1 has no `Renderer` class, 0.5.1 does. May 6, 2012
tests change RedisQueryset unit tests to use Python mock library; close pip… Nov 22, 2012
.gitignore Add .tox and *.egg-info to .gitignore Nov 11, 2012
.travis.yml Add .travis.yml for Travis CI ( Nov 11, 2012
HISTORY.rst Added changelog with last major version bump Sep 28, 2013 Update Jun 1, 2016 Update Sep 11, 2013
tox.ini began adding support for wsgi Apr 10, 2012

What Is Brubeck?

Brubeck is no longer actively maintained.