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Mustard kernel

A very basic kernel written in NASM and C, with probably some C++ and other higher level languages in the future. At the moment it's extememely lacking in features, but I hope to implement most if not all of these:

  • A file system
  • A shell, similar to bash but not
  • Some kind of package manager to install programs from a repository.
  • A graphical desktop (very ambitious)
  • Probably even more stuff

I can see a file system and a shell being implemented fairly soon, but the other features probably won't be implemented for a while.


Installing dependencies

sudo apt-get install qemu nasm grub

Navigate to the root of the project (the directory with the Makefile in it)

make clean
make all


Assuming you've already built the kernel, and it's in dist/

make run

But if you've moved it somewhere for whatever reason, it'll still work fine to do this

qemu-system-i386 -kernel /path/to/kernel