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Java for TypeScript

The J4TS publishes common Java APIs, libraries and Frameworks JSweet-transpiled to TypeScript (and JavaScript).

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  1. j4ts j4ts Public

    Core Java APIs for TypeScript / JavaScript / JSweet

    Java 97 24

  2. j4ts-awt-swing j4ts-awt-swing Public

    A JSweet implementation for AWT/Swing

    Java 16 3

  3. j4ts-awtgeom j4ts-awtgeom Public

    Java AWT geom packaged as a JSweet candy

    Java 1 1

  4. j4ts-batik-svgpathparser j4ts-batik-svgpathparser Public

    A JSweet/TypeScript/JavaScript extraction of Apache's Batik project to parse SVG paths

    Java 1

  5. j4ts-file j4ts-file Public

    An implementation of the Java File API using a LocalStorage implementation

    JavaScript 2

  6. j4ts-j3d j4ts-j3d Public

    An implementation of the Java J3D API


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