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# Copyright
# Copyright (C) 2010-2012 Jari Aalto <>
# License
# This material is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This material is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this material. If not, see <>.
# Description
# Epackage yellow pages -- Sources list for available Emacs epackages
# Project homepage:
# Instructions
# 1. Fork Git VCS project directory (see Homepage),
# Read:
# 2. Update this file, "git commit -s" (sign) your changes, and push
# it to your Github repository.
# 3. Send "Pull request".
# Read:
# File Format
# PACKAE-NAME must be all lowercase and match case-sensitive
# regexp "^[a-z][a-z0-9-]+$"

adoc-mode git:// major-mode for editing AsciiDoc markup files
asciidoc-el git:// menu for editing Asciidoc markup files
auto-compile git:// automatically compile Emacs Lisp files
bbdb git:// the insidious Big Brother Database
c-eldoc git:// helpful description of the arguments to C functions
col-highlight git:// highlight the current column (etends vline.el)
confluence-mode git:// mode for interacting with confluence wiki
code-doc-mode git:// convenient editing of dockblock comment in-code
crypt git:// encryption support
cssh-mode git:// major mode for cssh(1) Cluster SSH command
delicious git:// commands for interacting with the Delicious API
ditz git:// client interface to Ditz issue tracking system
egg git:// git interface fork of magit
edit-list git:// interactively edit a list variable easily
egit-mode git:// major mode for git commit history ala gitk
el-autoyas git:// yasnippet extension for creating Emacs-Lisp snippets automatically
el-get git:// browse the Emacs Lisp List of available packages
ell git:// browse the Emacs Lisp List of available packages
escreen git:// emulation of screen(1) window configuration save/restore
etop git:// run top(1) listing in Emacs buffer
face-remap-plus git:// interactive font size manipulation functions
frame-cmds git:// library of interactive frame and window commands
g-client git:// Google Client e.g. to access Google Calendar
gse-number-rect git:// enhance rect.el by adding numering rectangles
gse-rename git:// rename files like you would edit text
git-julliard git:// git interface by Alexandre Julliard
hide-lines git:// hide or preserve all matching lines in buffer
hide-region git:// hide or show regions like using kill-ring
htmlize git:// convert fontification into HTML
jabber-client git:// client for Jabber XMPP protocol
killer git:// interactive functions to kill and delete text
lib-date-calc git:// library of date calculation and parsing functions
lib-dropdown-list git:// library of dropdown menu functions
lib-frame-fns git:// library of frame and window functions
lib-furl git:// library of top level functions to url.el
lib-header-button git:// library of clickable buttons in header lines
lib-hexrgb git:// library of RGB color manipulation functions
lib-map-progress git:// library of mapping macros that report progress
lib-read-char-spec git:// library of generalized y-or-n-p function
lib-strptime git:// library of POSIX date and time function strptime()
lib-xml-rpc git:// library of remote procedure calls over HTTP
linum git:// display line numbers in the left margin
magit git:// client interface for Git
map-lines git:// map a command over many lines
markdown-mode git:// mode for editing *.md markdown markup files
marmalade git:// interface for the ELPA/marmalade package server
mediawiki-mode git:// major mode for editing MediaWiki pages (wikipedia)
multi-term git:// multiple terminal management
mutt-mode git:// major mode for editing messages from mutt(1) MUA.

psvn git:// client interface to Subversion (SVN) version control
pabbrev-mode git:// mode for TAB key to complete items (predictive abbreviation)
package git:// Emacs lisp package arvhive, old version (<Emacs 24 ELPA)
palette git:// color palette for to edit using RGB, HSV and color names (X only)
pastebin git:// interface to the webservice
php-mode git:// major mode for editing PHP files
quilt git:// interactive commands to quilt(1) program
rdoc-mode git:// major mode for editing Ruby source code documentation markup
ruby-mode git:// major mode for editing Ruby files (obsolete in 23.x)
rst-mode git:// mode for editing *.rst reStructuredText markup files
smart-tab git:// intelligent tab completion and indentation
search-prop git:// search forward and backward for properties
tabbar-mode git:// mode to display a tab bar in the header line
twittering-mode git:// major mode and client for Twitter
tinydesk git:// save and restore files between sessions
vline git:// minor mode to show vertical line to highligh column
wikipedia-mode git:// major mode for editing Wikipedia articles off-line
wtf git:// look up conversational and computing acronyms
yas-jit git:// load Yasnippets on demand (makes start up faster)
yasnippet git:// yet another snippet template system
zoom-frm git:// commands to zoom frame font size with mouse and keyboard

# End of file
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