An Erlang library for parsing Gherkin documents
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egherkin is an Erlang library for parsing Gherkin documents.


egherkin aims at providing a complete Gherkin parser in a small code base.

For efficiency egherkin parses Gherkin documents loaded as binaries and produces a binary based memory model for processing.

egherkin is clean and well tested Erlang code.

How to build

egherkin uses as build tool so you only need a recent version of make:

git clone
cd egherkin

To run tests:

make ct

How to use

egherkin:parse(Document :: binary()) -> ParseResult

egherkin:parse_file(Filename :: string()) -> ParseResult

ParseResult = Feature | {failed, Line :: integer(), ErrorMessage :: string()}

Parsed model

Feature = {Headers, Tags, Name, Description, Background, Scenarios}
Headers = [{Line :: integer(), Header :: binary()}]
Tags = [{Line :: integer(), Name :: binary()}]
Description = [DescriptionLine :: binary()]
Background = {Line :: integer(), Steps}
Scenarios = [Scenario]
Scenario = {Line :: integer(), Name :: binary(), Tags, Steps}
    | {Line :: integer(), Name :: binary(), Tags, Steps, Examples}
Steps = [Step]
Step = {Line :: integer(), GWT, StepParts}
Examples = DataTable
GWT = given_keyword | when_keyword | then_keyword | and_keyword | but_keyword
StepParts = [StepPart]
StepPart = binary() | DocString | DataTable
DocString = {docstring, [Line :: binary()]}
DataTable = {datatable,
             [RowName :: binary()],
             [{RowName :: binary(), Value :: binary()]}


egherkin was developed and tested with Erlang/OTP R16B03-1.