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jabbink update api to 1.1.1 (#1328)
Fixes #1315 and #1324

Possibly fixes #1309
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Pokemon Go Bot

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Welcome to the Pokemon Go Bot

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Before opening an issue or explaining your problem on Discord, please refer to the existing Issues and the FAQ first!


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  • Login with Google and Pokemon Trainer Club
  • Walk (while following roads (optional)) from Pokestop to Pokestop (highly configurable)
  • Collect all Pokemon that are within reach
  • Automatically drop useless items and bad Pokemon (100% configurable)
  • Hatch eggs
  • Export your Pokemon to many different export formats (to keep track in Excel/other external applications)


If you want to help and add a new feature, you can create a pull request to merge in the develop branch and not in the master. As the name says, the develop branch is for developing where we'll add new features, with your help; instead we'll update the master every now and then, and from that we'll release a new jar.


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