Adds time user has been idle next to their names in Teamspeak
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This is a Perl script that runs LOCALLY (if you try to run it remotely, you're gonna get a lot of lag) on a server with Teamspeak. It will append the time someone's been idle (not speaking, changing channels, or doing anything in Teamspeak) next to someone's name. This is helpful when you have a server full of people who leave their Teamspeak on while they do something else, and is a great alternative to moving people out of channels, which can be quite distracting to other people.


  • Windows or Linux
    • Mac untested
  • Perl
    • Suggested: Perl 5.2 or later
  • Server running Teamspeak that you can execute Perl scripts on


  1. Get your ServerQuery login information
  2. Rename Example_idletime.cfg to idletime.cfg
  3. Open idletime.cfg and set the values. There's comments on everything inside.
  4. Run with Perl


  • When more than one person has the same idle time displayed, it might glitch out and rapidly change. It shouldn't negatively affect the server.