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Duplicate resource record within Nova
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Current Version: v0.2.7

Nova Duplicate Field

Duplication of a record through the nova admin panel along with any defined relations that are required (tested on HasMany). Creates a copy of the data in our admin panel and redirects to the view.

### Todo

  • Duplicate relations alongside the main post.
  • Catch errors properly
  • Give a clearer notification to end users.


Install the duplicate field.

composer require jackabox/nova-duplicate-field

Reference the duplicate field at the top of your Nova resource and then include the necessary code within the fields.

use Jackabox\DuplicateField\DuplicateField
        'resource' => 'specialisms', // resource url
        'model' => 'App\Models\Specialism', // model path
        'id' => $this->id, // id of record
        'relations' => ['one', 'two'] // an array of any relations to load (nullable).

Duplicate field only works on the index view and already passes through onlyOnIndex() as an option.


Duplicate Field Image


If there are any issues or requests feel free to open a GitHub issue or a pull request.

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