Interactive UI Style Guide for Vibecast built with Vue.js
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NOTE: Based on Vue.js 1. I'm working on a project which uses an updated version of this UI kit, all-new and rebuilt in Vue.js 2. Once that is finished and tested I'll update this repo along with a clearer demo page. It's likely to be in the new year.

Vibecast UI Style Guide

An intractive UI style guide for a project I'm working on. Built with Vue.js using Laravel Elixir, Browserify and Elixir Vueify


This project requires the latest version of npm.


Clone or download the repository, then in terminal run:

  • cd vuejs-style-guide
  • npm install
  • gulp

A public folder is created with assets. If you want to fire up a local server run http-server public. For continious development run gulp watch. To minify assets run gulp --production.