Scroll-driven story map, with point markers and narrative text in GeoJSON, using Leaflet and jQuery
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Leaflet storymap with scroll-driven navigation for narrative and point markers from easy-to-learn template, with GeoJSON data file



  • Scroll-driven navigation, using screen swipe, trackpad, or keyboard down-arrow. Initial map displays all point markers.
  • Viewers can pan and zoom the map independently of the narration, or click on any point to go directly to that chapter.
  • Easy-to-learn template to create your own storymap. Upload text, point coordinates, zoom levels, and image links to a CSV generic spreadsheet, and drag into to create a GeoJSON data file.
  • Images can be stored in local subfolder or pulled from an external URL.
  • Works in modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+.
  • Accessible tested using the WAVE and aXe tools.


  • Due to GeoJSON data limitations, there is no easy way to insert hyperlinks inside the 'description' text. They must be created outside, in fields such as "source-link".
  • Images must contain an alternative text, or alt tag description of the photo to maintain accessibility using the alt field in the csv/geojson.

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Requires open-source libraries

  • Leaflet.js
  • leaflet.extra-markers
  • jQuery
  • Font Awesome


Create your own storymap

See easy-to-learn instructions in the Leaflet Templates section of Data Visualization for All book at

Examples with Added Features