Deck.js slideshows controlled with the Gamepad API
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#Please note: Right now this is pretty hacked together, this was done very late at BC Bournemouth. Soon I'll be collecting this up, neatening up & releasing.

#Quick Start

The main file is gamepad.js. The rest is just stuff for the actual talk. If you want to use a gamepad controller in your own talks, just grab gamepad.js, and use index.html as a reference to set up your own slide decks.

#Deck.js + Gamepad API

Following on from a Barcamp Bournemouth talk from @robhawkes and with a spare logitech gamepad available, I decided to take one of my favourite new things, Deck.js, a system for creating HTML presentations & mix it with some new cool stuff, such as the Gamepad API.

All this does is call Deck.js methods, so it's easy to customise if you fancy it.


  • I ran this in a specific Firefox nightly build that has the Gamepad API enabled, which you can find here for Mac, Win & Linux. Again, hat-tip to @robhawkes for that one.

  • This has not been tested in any other browser than the FF nightly linked above

  • The basic code I started with is also @robhawkes's but I've since modified a lot of it. Credit is given in the comment of the file.


These instructions were written using a Logitech Gamepad. Buttons may differ with other controllers (an issue hopefully we can get rid of soon and standardise button layouts)

####Moving to Previous & Next Slides

  • previous slide: left trigger
  • next slide: right trigger

####Controlling the Cursor on the page

  • DPad or left analog stick (depending on if "Mode" button is on)
  • hide the cursor by pressing the right analog stick down

####Zooming In

  • move up on the right analog stick to zoom in
  • move down on the right analog stick to zoom out

##License Released under the Don't be a Dick License