A jQuery wrapper for the Forrst API. As the Forrst API grows, so will this.
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This API has just been updated to match Forrst's V2 API implementation.

It supports all the methods in the Forrst API that DON'T require authenticating.

It is used like so:

$.forrstApi(func, callback, params, options)

func : the API call you wish to make. These match the API documentation. Any slashes are ignored. So to call posts/all, the func parameter is "postsall".

callback: a callback function to handle the data returned. Data is passed into the callback function, so your first parameter will be the returned data. EG: function(d) {console.log(d);} //here d == the returned object from the API

params : any parameters that need to be passed to the API with the function call

options: any additional options you need to set (these are useless for now, please IGNORE these)

For example, to get the information on my user, 'jackfranklin', my code would look like so:

$.forrstApi("usersinfo", function(d) {...}, {'username':'jackfranklin'});

Not all calls need to be passed parameters. If they don't, you can simply leave out that.


  1. Better way of dealing with errors (currently all left down to the end user and not dealt with in the wrapper)
  2. Add additional options that may be of use