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A python-based file uploader for PicasaWeb
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A script that uploads photos to Google+ / Picasa Web Albums

  • Resizes large images to be less than the free limit (2048 x 2048)
  • Uploads all directories under a given directory
  • restartable
  • Creates the albums as "private" aka "limited"
  • Automatically retries when Google data service errors out.

Attention: This script is obsolete for Windows and Mac

It looks like Google Picasa for Windows and Mac now comes with a back up tool that performs the same functionality as this script. If you are using a Windows or Macintosh system, you probably should look into using the official Google tool instead. See Picasa.

For more details, read this unofficial blog post describing the Google+ Auto Backup for Desktop tool.

To Do

  • Use multiple threads for uploading.
  • Add Progress UI
  • Deal with duplicate picture and folder names, both on local and web collections.
    • Currently we just throw an exception when we detect duplicate names.
  • Deal with 'Error: 17 REJECTED_USER_LIMIT' errors.


  • Prerequisites:
    • Python 2.7
    • Google Data APIs
      • gdata-2.0.16 for Python
    • The PIL library for Python or BSD "sips" image processing program.
      • PIL is available on most UNIX like systems.
      • "sips" comes pre-installed on OSX.
    • pyexiv2 module for writing correct EXIF data

Known Problems

Picasa Web Albums appears to have an undocumented upload quota system that limits uploads to a certain number of bytes per month.

Do a web search for REJECTED_USER_LIMIT to see the various discussions about this. From reading the web forums it appears that the upload quota is reset occasionally (possibly monthly). If you start getting REJECTED_USER_LIMIT errors when you run this script you may have to wait a month to upload new pictures.

Some people have reported that paying for yearly web storage will remove the upload quota.

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