Implementation of top made for CSCI-442 Operating Systems at Mines in Spring 2016
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Shadow Recruit top

Another project made by Jack Rosenthal (a.k.a. Shadow Recruit)

List of files that may explain what they do:

src/info/...                What you expect
src/main.cpp                Contains the entry point to the program
src/utils/fmt.{cpp,h}       Formatting strings
src/utils/display.{cpp,h}   Responsible for drawing the display
src/utils/opts.{cpp,h}      Parses and stores options

Ideally, this top implementation should be run on a terminal of size 30x98 or greater (any larger size will work just as fine).

I spent about 6 hours working on this project.

Extra Features

What would be a project from Shadow Recruit without him creating extra work for himself? So he did.

  • Running processes are highlighted in red
  • Prints as many processes as can fit on the display, however you can specify a maximum using the -m or --max-proc flag.
  • Status bar at bottom to show delay, sort key, user, hostname, date, and time