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My emacs configuration, optimized for creative writing.
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My emacs configuration, optimized for creative writing.


You need to install a font and MultiMarkdown before attempting to install/run/use this Emacs configuration.


Install Open Sans if it's not already installed on your system.


While the primary focus of this Emacs configuration is to work with Org files, I think that, for a writer, the ability to handle Markdown properly is a must. Markdown is like Org-mode: it is non-proprietary plain text.

Therefore, you need to install MultiMarkdown - most Linux distributions have MultiMarkdown in their package repositories; otherwise (like, if using Windows), use the Github release page to fetch it.



Important! You need to set the HOME environment variable to point to your user directory (usually c:/Users/[username])

How to use it

This Emacs configuration is highly "inspired" by Angrybacon's dotemacs

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