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-- look at Jeff's "extract_list" filter and think about adding it as a way of using qs's, etc.
-- add docstrings to tags so that the auto-admin docs work.
-- actually implement "saveas"
-- tests and examples: start as reST with special blocks; those blocks get rendered *and* source displayed
-- Generate sane default axes (if not given) for line graphs. This includes hiding the bottom axis and drawing a fake x axis at 0 if the data spans 0. Perhaps "{% axes auto %}" or something...
-- chart-data might need to take options as to how to deal with the data -- strings should have customizable splitters, multiple datasets in the same variable should be supported, ...
-- chart-data should handle querysets in some logical manner (or maybe chart-data-from-qs tag) Being able to say {% chart-data qs fieldname %} would rock. Perhaps this would be best done in a "map" filter: {% chart-data qs|map:"fieldname" %}?

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