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A GTK+ interface for PHP's built-in web server
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PHP Web Server GUI

PHP has included a built-in web server in its CLI SAPI since version 5.4, it is not a fully-featured web server and it should not be used on a public network or to host an actual website, but it is useful for application development and testing purposes.

The problem: As a CLI feature, it requires a specific command to use, which is easy to forget and gets buried in your terminal's history. The solution: A GTK+ interface that lets you choose the PHP executable, IP address or hostname, port number, root directory, and INI file graphically.

Compiling the Software

To compile the software you will need the following libraries and their dependencies installed...

Name Version Package
GTK+ 3.10+ libgtk-3-dev
GLib 2.0+ libglib2.0-dev-bin
VTE 0.48+ libvte-2.91-dev

Depending on which GNU/Linux distribution you are using, the package names listed above may differ slightly. If the package names do differ, you may need to adjust the Makefile to use these different package names. I am open to suggestions on how to improve compatibility with different distributions.

More Info

Release Announcement


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