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@Yomguithereal Yomguithereal released this Oct 13, 2017 · 9 commits to master since this release

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@Yomguithereal Yomguithereal released this Nov 3, 2016 · 15 commits to master since this release

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@Yomguithereal Yomguithereal released this Feb 17, 2016 · 35 commits to master since this release

  • Added the SVG renderer.
  • Added the minArrowSize setting (thanks to @ssidorchick).
  • Added an edge quadtree and support for edge events (thanks to @sheymann).
  • Fixed #362: Nodes and edges can now have a number id.
  • Added the renderers.snapshot plugin.
  • Fixed #403: renderer string container polymorphism.
  • Added an event dispatched when instance is killed.
  • Added low-level Barnes-Hut optimization to the layout.forceAltas2 plugin (thanks to @jacomyma).
  • Added the mouseWheelEnabled setting.
  • Added an option to skip quadtree indexation when refreshing an instance.
  • Added defaultEdgeType and defaultNodeType settings.
  • Added a isDragging flag in click event.
  • Added some features to the layout.forceAltas2 plugin.
  • Fixed resizing related issues.
  • Added the SVG exporter plugin.
  • Fixed some SVG-related bugs (thanks to @qinfchen).
  • Added the A* plugin (thanks to @A----).
  • Changed the singleHover setting to default to true.
  • Added the cypher plugin (thanks to @sim51).
  • Added the parallel edges plugin (thanks to @3ch01c).
  • Added HDPI screens support (thanks to @mdamien).
  • Fixed a ForceAtlas2 bug related to the ajustSizes setting (thanks to @rangeonnicolas).
  • Improved implementaton.
  • Added some alternatives to sigma.webgl.edges.def.
  • Various optimizations.
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@jacomyal jacomyal released this Aug 22, 2014 · 330 commits to master since this release

Here is what's new:

  • Fixed #186: NPM sigma package
  • New helper sigma.utils.zoomTo (thanks to @josemazo)
  • Fixed #241: Improved canvas renderer
  • Fixed #244: (min|max)(Node|Edge)Size as strings or numbers
  • Cross available in the customShapes plugin (thanks to @csweaver)
  • Relative size plugin (thanks to @tsdaemon)
  • Fixed y positions from sigma.parsers.gexf (thanks to @totetmatt)
  • Fixed lag problem for the dragNodes plugin on Firefox (thanks to @apitts)
  • Added the singleHover settings (thanks to @patrickmarabeas)
  • Improved dragNodes behaviours with several hovered nodes (thanks to @patrickmarabeas)
  • Added self-loops rendering for curved edges (thanks to @ssidorchick)
  • Updated gexfParser.js version
  • HITS statistics computation plugin (thanks to @mef)
  • Fixed #299: Fixed npm build
  • Fixed #332: Fixed grunt tasks for building plugins
  • Fixed #347: Added polymorphism for the autoRescale setting
  • Fixed build for Force-Atlas 2 plugin (thanks to @luca)
  • Fixed some typos (thanks to @Tal-Daniel)
  • Custom edge shapes plugin (thanks to @sheymann)
  • Filter API plugin (thanks to @sheymann)
  • Right-click support (thanks to @sheymann)
  • Event data now always dispatched by sigma.core (thanks to @sheymann)
  • Added the attachBefore method to sigma.classes.graph (thanks to @sheymann)
  • Fixed buggy behaviour with the dragNodes plugin when container is offset (thanks to @Pie21)
  • Updated NPM dev dependencies
  • Fixed a leak in sigma.classes.graph (details at #340)
  • WebGL based Force-Atlas 2
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@jacomyal jacomyal released this Apr 2, 2014 · 461 commits to master since this release

Here is what's new:

  • Added Canvas curved edge renderer
  • Fully refactored examples
  • Fixed #211: Added default camera getter
  • Fixes on ForceAtlas2 API (thanks to @adkatrit)
  • Added Canvas curved arrows edge renderer (thanks to @ssidorchick)
  • Fixed #220: WebGL edges batch rendering fixed
  • Fixed #175: Disable setAutoSettings in ForceAtlas2
  • Fixed some minor typos (thanks to @anirvan)
  • Added the sigma.plugins.dragNodes plugin for the Canvas renderer (thanks to @josemazo)
  • Fixed does not exist error (thanks to @jeroencoumans)
  • Made it easier to build for newbies by not requiring global grunt-cli (thanks to @eins78)
  • Some minor changes on docs and GEXF parser (thanks to @Yomguithereal)
  • Added current version number as sigma.version
  • Fixed #236: Implemented kill renderers method
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@jacomyal jacomyal released this Feb 26, 2014 · 503 commits to master since this release

Here is what's new :

  • Custom node shapes and images plug-in (thanks to @rpeleg1970)
  • Fixed #189: Added doubleClick events
  • Fixed #183: Avoid using for in to iterate over arrays (thanks to @cdevienne)
  • Added http-server dependency (thanks to @oncletom)
  • Minor fix in LICENSE.txt (thanks to @gdi2290)
  • Added "hidden" nodes and edges support
  • Fixed typo in sigma.instances method (thanks to @juanpastas)
  • Fixed ForceAtlas2 stopForceAtlas2 method
  • Improved captors
  • Plus some minor and various fixes...
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@jacomyal jacomyal released this Jan 30, 2014 · 528 commits to master since this release

Here is what's new :

  • Full new version of sigma from scratch, including old features:
    • ForceAtlas2 plugin
    • GEXF parser
    • Canvas renderer
  • ...and some new features:
    • WebGL renderer
    • Touch support
  • Also added some unit tests (main classes, core API, ...).
  • Architecture fully rewritten
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