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# Copyright (c) 2016 Uber Technologies, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
namespace cpp jaegertracing.thrift
namespace java io.jaegertracing.thriftjava
namespace php Jaeger.Thrift
namespace netstd Jaeger.Thrift
namespace lua jaeger.thrift
# TagType denotes the type of a Tag's value.
# Tag is a basic strongly typed key/value pair. It has been flattened to reduce the use of pointers in golang
struct Tag {
1: required string key
2: required TagType vType
3: optional string vStr
4: optional double vDouble
5: optional bool vBool
6: optional i64 vLong
7: optional binary vBinary
# Log is a timed even with an arbitrary set of tags.
struct Log {
1: required i64 timestamp
2: required list<Tag> fields
enum SpanRefType { CHILD_OF, FOLLOWS_FROM }
# SpanRef describes causal relationship of the current span to another span (e.g. 'child-of')
struct SpanRef {
1: required SpanRefType refType
2: required i64 traceIdLow
3: required i64 traceIdHigh
4: required i64 spanId
# Span represents a named unit of work performed by a service.
struct Span {
1: required i64 traceIdLow # the least significant 64 bits of a traceID
2: required i64 traceIdHigh # the most significant 64 bits of a traceID; 0 when only 64bit IDs are used
3: required i64 spanId # unique span id (only unique within a given trace)
4: required i64 parentSpanId # since nearly all spans will have parents spans, CHILD_OF refs do not have to be explicit
5: required string operationName
6: optional list<SpanRef> references # causal references to other spans
7: required i32 flags # a bit field used to propagate sampling decisions. 1 signifies a SAMPLED span, 2 signifies a DEBUG span.
8: required i64 startTime
9: required i64 duration
10: optional list<Tag> tags
11: optional list<Log> logs
# Process describes the traced process/service that emits spans.
struct Process {
1: required string serviceName
2: optional list<Tag> tags
# ClientStats exposes some metrics from Jaeger client.
# Although Jaeger clients internally support integrations with metrics backends,
# not all users actually configure those, and even if they do, the metrics are
# often namespaced to the application, e.g. by including a tag service=xyz or
# using a custom prefix, which makes it more difficult to observe across the site.
# The ClientStats provides an alternative mechanism of reporting the same metrics
# to the Jaeger backend components (agent or collector) where those same metrics
# can be re-emitted with standardized naming scheme.
struct ClientStats {
1: required i64 fullQueueDroppedSpans
2: required i64 tooLargeDroppedSpans
3: required i64 failedToEmitSpans
# Batch is a collection of spans reported out of process.
struct Batch {
# Since all spans submitted by a given client are produced by the same Process,
# it only needs to be sent once.
1: required Process process
# List of spans produced by a process. There is no specific limitation on the
# size of this list, however some transports may impose a cap on the total size
# of the overall Batch message, e.g. 65,000 bytes cap for UDP messages.
2: required list<Span> spans
# Jaeger clients are encouraged to assign an incrementing sequence number to
# each batch, so that the Jaeger backend components could detect and report
# missing packets (especially when using the UDP transport).
3: optional i64 seqNo
4: optional ClientStats stats
# BatchSubmitResponse is the response on submitting a batch.
struct BatchSubmitResponse {
1: required bool ok # The Collector's client is expected to only log (or emit a counter) when not ok equals false
service Collector {
list<BatchSubmitResponse> submitBatches(1: list<Batch> batches)