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Jaeger Governance

This document defines governance policies for the Jaeger project.


Jaeger Maintainers have write access to the Jaeger GitHub repository They can merge their own patches or patches from others.

This privilege is granted with some expectation of responsibility: maintainers are people who care about the Jaeger project and want to help it grow and improve. A maintainer is not just someone who can make changes, but someone who has demonstrated his or her ability to collaborate with the team, get the most knowledgeable people to review code, contribute high-quality code, and follow through to fix issues (in code or tests).

A maintainer is a contributor to the Jaeger project's success and a citizen helping the project succeed.

Becoming a Maintainer

To become a maintainer you need to demonstrate the following:

  • commitment to the project
    • participate in discussions, contributions, code reviews for 3 months or more,
    • perform code reviews for 10 non-trivial pull requests,
    • contribute 10 non-trivial pull requests and have them merged into master,
  • ability to write good code,
  • ability to collaborate with the team,
  • understanding of how the team works (policies, processes for testing and code review, etc),
  • understanding of the projects' code base and coding style.

A new maintainer must be proposed by an existing maintainer by sending a message to the mailing list containing the following information:

  • nominee's first and last name,
  • nominee's email address and GitHub user name,
  • an explanation of why the nominee should be a committer,
  • a list of links to non-trivial pull requests (top 10) authored by the nominee.

Two other maintainers need to second the nomination. If no one objects in 5 working days (U.S.), the nomination is accepted. If anyone objects or wants more information, the maintainers discuss and usually come to a consensus (within the 5 working days). If issues can't be resolved, there's a simple majority vote among current maintainers.

Changes in Maintainership

Maintainers can be removed by a 2/3 majority vote by maintainers.

GitHub Project Administration

Maintainers will be added to the GitHub @jaegertracing/jaeger-maintainers team, and made a GitHub maintainer of that team. They will be given write permission to the Jaeger GitHub repository

Changes in Governance

All changes in Governance require a 2/3 majority vote by maintainers.

Other Changes

Unless specified above, all other changes to the project require a 2/3 majority vote by maintainers. Additionally, any maintainer may request that any change require a 2/3 majority vote by maintainers.