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Drop-in server for Google App Engine applications which exposes your data model via a REST API with no extra work.

Basic Features

  • Metadata browsing
    • List models: GET "/metadata"
    • Define model in XML Schema: GET "/metadata/MyModel"
  • Reading data (XML output)
    • Get specific instance: GET "/MyModel/<key>"
    • Get all instances (paged results): GET "/MyModel"
      • Results can be ordered using the "ordering" query param: "?ordering=<propertyName>"
    • Find multiple instances (paged results): GET "/MyModel?<queryParams>"
      • Results can be ordered (same as get all)
  • Modifying data (XML input)
    • Create new instance (returns key): POST "/MyModel"
      • Supports batch create by surrounding multiple instances with <list> element (returns keys)
    • Partial update instance (returns key): POST "/MyModel/<key>"
      • Supports batch update (same as create)
    • Complete update instance (returns key): PUT "/MyModel/<key>"
      • Supports batch update (sames as create)
    • Output of all update operations may be altered with "type" query param
      • Return the keys in an XML format: "?type=structured"
      • Return the entire updated models: "?type=full"
    • Delete instance: "DELETE "/MyModel/<key"

Check out the Features page for a more complete list of the features supported by the appengine rest server, including advanced features.


The Boomi Demo App Engine application is a fully working example application (based on the Google App Engine Greeting demo application).


Utilizing this library is extremely simple. See the Getting Started page to find out how to integrate the appengine rest server into your project.

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