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#Bandwidth TCP / UDP Test

This is a complete software for testing the bandwidth with tests of TCP, UDP and Ping. The user can choose how many tests he/she wants and the time of each test. This software uses the iPerf3 that is a tool for active measurements of the maximum achievable bandwidth on IP networks. Although the software is made for running in Windows, you can eassily change it for run on Unix and Mac by modifing the code for the comands.


  • Test UDP
  • Test TCP
  • Test Ping
  • Reports
  • Multithreading

At the end of each test, the user can generate a full report containing all data as well as several graphs of the test.

The report can then be export as a PDF file and saved on your computer. The output of the test is also exported in the PDF file.


MIT © Jaime Dantas

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