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Dropbox Uploader

Dropbox Uploader is a PHP class named DropboxUploader which can be used to upload files to Dropbox, an online file synchronization and backup service.

Its development was started before Dropbox released their API, and to work, it scrapes their website. So you can and probably should use their API now as it is much more stable. It's the Dropbox Core API in PHP.

You can use the Dropbox Uploader to create a file upload form for your website, which uploads files to your dropbox. The example.php is a good start; just remove the email/password/destination fields and insert the respective values.


require 'DropboxUploader.php';

$uploader = new DropboxUploader('', 'password');

For a more complete usage example, see example.php.


Dropbox Uploader is licensed under the MIT License (MIT).


I'm getting the following error:

Error: Cannot execute request: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK.⤦
⤥ Details: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed

This means that the certificate of the Certification Authority (CA) that Dropbox uses for their SSL certificates is not installed on your system or PHP/cURL is not configured correctly to find it.

If you ARE the system administrator, try installing the CA certificates bundle to a system-wide location. If you use a package management system, this will ensure that they are kept up to date automatically. On Debian Linux for example, you can install the package ca-certificates.

If you are NOT the system administrator, you can download just the needed certificate and point DropboxUploader to it (before calling the upload() method):


It is also possible to do this setting in the PHP ini file for PHP 5.3.7 and above. See curl.cainfo for the ini configuration and look for the CURLOPT_CAINFO option on curl_setopt (PHP manual).


To develop, it is most easy to checkout the hakre/DropboxUploader branch:

git clone -b development git://
cd DropboxUploader

Them retrieve the dependencies using Composer:

php composer.phar install


Dropbox Uploader comes with a Phpunit testsuite located in the test folder.

To get the testsuite configured, copy phpunit.xml.dist to phpunit.xml and modify the Dropbox email and password credentials and the SSL certificate store configuration (might be required if not set in PHP ini curl.cainfo).

If you want to use any of these settings from the commandline, set an environment variable with the same name. Environment variables have a higher priority than the XML configuration;

export Dropbox_Credential_Password=your-password-goes-here

You can then invoke the testsuite from the projects root directory:

vendor/bin/phpunit test


Development is done against hakre/DropboxUploader, the development branch. Create yourself a new branch from it and name it for every non-trivial changes you want to introduce.

Changes are then taken from feature branches into development and then into master.

Expect the development branch to get some force-pushes, just to keep in mind when your development branch diverges - better give your local branch a different name.


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