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Syte2 Backend for Zeit Now 2.0
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Syte2 for Zeit Now v2

Syte2 is the new and refined version of Syte, a personal website with interactive social integrations. Syte2 integrates with Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Github, Dribbble, Spotify/, YouTube and Tumblr. You can see it in action on the creator's personal site.

For Zeit Now v2

Minor modifications were made to run the Syte2 API server using the Now 2.0 serverless enviornment. Moved the controllers to an API folder, got rid of Express routing and moved it into now.json. The headers set in the "Routes" section of now.json cache the database responses at the CDN edge for 2 hours before calling the Lambda function again. Env variables are set in now.json using secrets.


Syte2 was developed by Rigo (Rodrigo Neri). The Zeit Now 2 changes are by @jake-101

Check out Rigo's personal website at

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