Tracking the status of ServiceWorker in browsers
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Tracks the features of service worker supported in browsers. View the site.

Run locally

To install, run the following in the root of your cloned copy of the repo:

npm install

To serve the site on localhost:8000:

npm run serve

To build the site:

npm run build


To update data, edit data.json, which is in this format:


  "features": [


        "name", "Feature name or <code>interface.whatever</code>",
        "description", "Brief feature details, html <strong>allowed</strong>",
        "chrome": {
          // 1 = supported
          // 0.5 = supported with caveats (eg flags, nightlies, special builds)
          // 0 = not supported
          "supported": 1
          // (optional) browser version
          "minVersion": 35,
          // (optional) alternate icon, currently supports:
          // "chrome-canary"
          // "firefox-nightly"
          // "webkit"
          // "opera-developer"
          "icon": "canary",
          // (optional) details, cavats, links to tickets, flags etc
          "details": [
            "Requires <a href=\"\">Chrome Canary</a>"
        "firefox": {},
        "opera": {},
        "safari": {},
        // (optional) details that don't apply to a single browser
        "details": [
          "<strong>Chrome & Firefox</strong>: sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

      // ...