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Standardized Commit Messages

A tool to aid in standardizing commit messages. Based on this wonderful emoji based standard Git Commit Message format by @slashsBin.

Example output


  • Clone the repo
  • Run composer install
  • Set Git's file editor to use the included bin/commit with something like export GIT_EDITOR=/your/path/to/commit-repo/bin/commit

Known issues

  • Git uses the # character to signify comment lines that should be ignored causing ticket numbers to be ignored when not prefixed with any other characters. As of Git 1.8.2 a config value is available to customize the comment character.

Feature requests and bugs

Find a bug? Have an idea to make this better? Go to the Issues tab in GitHub and open up a ticket! Just have a comment? My twitter handle is @jakeasmith.


All PRs are welcome but you might want to open up an issue to discuss any major changes before putting a lot of time into them.


The smacme/commit library is copyright © Jake A. Smith and licensed for use under the MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.