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Simple, portable, compact, RGB to HSV and CYM(K) color conversion library. Written in C, C++ compatible.
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Simple Color Conversions


  • Portable, simple, compact, written in pure C, two file color conversion library between color spaces, RGB to CYM(K) and HSV

  • I could not find a c library with all the color conversion functions I wanted, there are snippets here and there on the internet, but nothing licensed and on Github

  • If you have anymore conversions you want added such as HSI, XYZ, YUV, YU'V'... SMPTE-C, Kodak YCC... let me know

How to use

  • Include color.c and color.h into your project
  • Header file explains everything, it's very basic and simple to use
#include "color.h"

float h, s, v;

convertRGBtoHSV(147, 135, 95, &h, &s, &v);

// h = 46.1538
// s =  0.3537
// v =  0.5765


  • Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, do what you want with it



  • Need help testing the algorithms to see if they produce proper results. Done hundreds of manual tests, something like an O(n^3) to test to and fro between conversions as well

  • Need help implementing the other color space conversions (maybe CMY -> HSV through the RGB functions) such as XYZ

  • Need help testing portability and how casting and cheap ceiling implementation work on other systems and compilers


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