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the following contains blogs, videos, tutorials, explanations and whatever else I come across and want to share with whoever is reading this now. Use all the resources you can I just ask that you add something, leave a message as to how it helped you out, and share with a friend or anyway you can.

Together we can build the perfect go-bible!

  • Go By Example: Nice little list of some examples with explanations of go code from basic conditional statements and different types to concepts like recursion even includes some on Parsing and Hashing.

  • Dave Cheney: Dave Cheney's blog in general is a great place to be in the first place, but this is a list he created has a ton more links to even more resources! How great is that!

  • Golang Bootcamp: I really like this one because its a nicely organized eBook with some fairly deeper detailing as a beginners guide. I found it useful when another resource didn't go deep enough.

  • Russ Cox On Go: This is a nice talk and is called a "Tour of go" for a reason and this talk eventually gets into building a little web crawler so its worth checking out for sure.

  • Jon Calhoun's Blog: I was going to link a specific article by Jon Calhoun but honestly I would link almost every single one of his articles and tutorials all completely free! Even his courses on other tops are worth checking out like algorithms series he just explains things so perfectly and is great for planting the computer science seed in your head. Go explore this blog

  • curl-to-go: Just some little web app I thought was cool. The name says it all but check it out maybe it will be useful one day.

  • Advanced Encoding & Decoding: A very detailed article on encoding and decoding data in go and breaking it down.

  • Go Memory Notes: sometimes it's good to have memory in the back of your mind and this is a helpful article for exactly that.

  • Why Go?: Have you asked yourself that question? Maybe you should read this :)

  • Less is Exponentially More - Rob Pike: If you are unaware of who Rob Pike is, he is one of the founders of Go and a very intelligent man who's name you should remember. This is an article he wrote I found somewhere about why they created go and is a humbling and beautiful article to read!

  • Thinking In Go: A short article on go's simplicity. Take a look

  • Go in vim: A handy article to bookmark when beginning to use vim-go

  • Golangbot: Another handy little tutorial series that goes into some nice details about some more beginner topics.

  • Thinking Interfaces: An article I found useful for starting to introduce the idea of interfaces and to help the abstraction of it make more logical sense.

  • Golang Interfaces: This article will help anyone but specifically targeted towards people who know java and come from a java-style approach when describing interfaces.

  • More Interface Stuff: A very long and detailed medium article about interfaces in go.

  • Guide To Go: This is from Jon Calhoun's blog but I added it separate because it probably contains some of the most useful resources I have found or has lead me to find.

  • Mastering Go Course: I have not yet taken this course myself and I plan on updating this one day when I do. I also have absolutely no affiliation with whoever made the course but it looks pretty good and interesting just a little pricey.

  • Applied Go: A blog that has a ton of useful guides and tutorials.

  • Todd McLeod - Learn GoLang: Todd McLeod is another name you should remember especially if you are self educating. This course is on Greater Commons which he founded. He has an amazing way of teaching and really bringing you to understand exactly how everything is working. The message he carries with him is very genuine and his motive is just to help people and spread positivity and goodness. I say let his classes speak for him and you will not be disappointed...there is a reason this class literally only has 5 star reviews.

  • Allocation efficiency in high-performance Go services: Blog about allocation efficiency to consider when building high-performant Go services


another list of some useful GoLang resources we should all pass on :)






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