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NOTE: this package is part of matplotlib as of version 2.1. The code here is maintained only for historical purposes.

Copyright (c) 2013, Jake Vanderplas

License: BSD

This package implements an HTML/Javascript writer for Matplotlib animations. The result can be embedded in a web page, or an IPython notebook.


See a rendered example: please note the browser requirements listedbelow.

Testing it Out

There are several scripts which demonstrate this. creates a basic animation, with the frame data embedded within the HTML document. Run this using


and then open the resulting file, animation.html using your web browser. This file is created using the option embed = True, which means that the image data is embedded directly in the html file in base64-representation. This means that the animation is entirely self-contained in the file.

A more sophisticated animation can be created using


(adapted from this blog post The resulting file, lorenz_animation.html, can be opened in your web browser. This animation is created using the option embed = False, which means that the frames are individually stored in the directory lorenz_animation_frames. This prevents the html file from being too large.

If you have IPython notebook installed, you can open animation_example.ipynb to see the automatic animation representation within the notebook. Simply import the IPython_display submodule, create the animation, and the javascript widget will appear embedded in your notebook window.

Browser Compatibility

Because the animation widget uses an HTML5 slider element, it does not work in some browsers. For a comprehensive list of supported browsers, see this list.


[DEPRECATED] An IPython notebook-compatible Javascript/HTML viewer for matplotlib animations




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