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This is the worlds smallest Redux/React app (I promise!). For educational purposes only!
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This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

World's smallest Redux React app


Do you have learning Redux on your "Todo-list", and have had that for some time now? You have the feeling that you should be learning it but you never get around doing it? The Redux docs are pretty heavy and nothing you casually read through so it's a barrier for getting started.

I have set up a minimal React/Redux setup that you can run and experiment with today. It's a fun and easy starting point for learning Redux.

Installation and Running

$ git clone
$ cd worlds-smallest-redux-react-app
$ npm install
$ npm start

How to read the code

There are only two files that's important: src/App.js and src/index.js.

  • src/App.js contains the React components and the Redux action (yes, it's only one!).
  • src/index.js contains the initial state, the reducer, the store.

Need more help understanding the code? Contact me, I am happy to help!

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