A tool to download a firmware into a Linksys WAG160N v2 which entered download mode.
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This tool allows you to flash firmware into a Linksys WAG160Nv2 after it
was put into download mode, e.g. if the original firmware was destroyed.
It runs under Linux only, you must be root to execute it.

1. Compile

gcc -o sercomm sercomm.c

2. Enter Download Mode

- power off the device
- press the reset button
- power on while holding the reset button
- wait until the power LED flashes red/green, release the reset button

3. Run the Tool

Connect a LAN port to a NIC of the host, e.g. to eth1.

3.1. Probe the Device

./sercomm eth1

This should list some info about all device found in download mode.

3.2. Flash

./sercomm eth1 firmware_file

This probes for devices in download mode. If more than one found, it
prompts for the one to flash. Afterwards the firmware file is checked
(matching hardware id etc.) and flashed. A reboot is executed afterwards.

4. Troubleshooting

If anything goes wrong with probing or flashing, please execute the command
again with "-v", e.g.
      ./sercomm -v eth1 firmware_file
This adds a lot of debug output to stdout.

5. Status

Currently tested with one WAG160Nv2 (annex B) only, I don't own more.
I've successfully flashed the vendor firmware 2.00.20 (see link below).
OpenWRT firmware binaries still miss some fields
(work in progress, please wait).

6. Contact

You may contact me via email: <jal2 at gmx.de> 
Please don't ask for ports to other OS or to other devices.

7. Links

vendor firmware: