A timetable parser for the CompSci @ York timetables written in Python
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Hackish York CompSci Timetable Parser

(I've no idea if it works very well)

Basically, coming into the third year I didn't want to have to work through all the timetable AGAIN, particularly with all the different modules and so on. So I spent a few hours hacking together this timetable parser based around BeautifulSoup and iCalendar.

How to use it

  1. Download your timetable file (in HTML format). timetable.html here is the 3rd year timetable
  2. Hack it about a bit: remove all <center> and </center> tags, the day headers and any other cruft around the %lt;table%gt;. Anything that isn't a 3 letter module needs to go (e.g. things called Talk2) or changed to a 3 letter module (the code relies on looking for 3 letter acronyms).
  3. Save it as timetable.html (or adjust the source code of parser.py)
  4. Install [iCalendar] ic, a Python library that does clever things to make iCal files.
  5. Run csyorkttparser.py and tell it your modules.
  6. Profit!

How to help

  • Make my Python proper Python, and make it do fancier things and not be quite so hacky.