A parallax scrolling responsive framework
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///// Cool Kitten - Parrallax Scrolling responsive frame work - 1.0 ///// Author: Jalxob Release Date: February 2013.

///// Building /////

A small build script is included in order to minify and concatenate your javascript and css files. In order to use this script, you need to have clean-css and uglify-js installed globally using npm.

sudo npm install clean-css uglify-js -g

Own the script

chmod u+x compile.sh

Execute the script


///// Resources /////

  • Normalize.css
  • jQuery Easing Plugin
  • Stellar.js

///// Questions & Contact ///// This is my first framework so if you see any issue please let me know it.

Website: www.jalxob.com/cool-kitten Author's website: www.jalxob.com Twitter: @Jalxob

Build script and additional changes by @james2doyle