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Tunnel IP over ICMP.
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icmptunnel is a tool to tunnel IP traffic within ICMP echo request and response (ping) packets. It’s intended for bypassing firewalls in a semi-covert way, for example when pivoting inside a network where ping is allowed. It might also be useful for egress from a corporate network to the Internet, although it is quite common for ICMP echo traffic to be filtered at the network perimeter.

While there are a couple of existing tools which implement this technique, icmptunnel provides a more reliable protocol and a mechanism for tunneling through stateful firewalls and NAT.


The tool uses a plain Makefile to compile and install.

Use make to compile icmptunnel.


First, disable ICMP echo responses on both the client and server. This prevents the kernel from responding to ping packets itself.

# echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all

On the server-side, start icmptunnel in server mode, and assign an IP address to the new tunnel interface.

# ./icmptunnel –s
opened tunnel device: tun0
# bg
# /sbin/ifconfig tun0 netmask

On the client-side, point icmptunnel at the server, and assign an IP address.

# ./icmptunnel <server>
opened tunnel device: tun0
connection established.
# bg
# /sbin/ifconfig tun0 netmask

At this point, you should have a functioning point-to-point tunnel via ICMP packets. The server side is, and the client-side is On the client, try connecting to the server via SSH:

# ssh root@

To use the remote server as an encrypted SOCKS proxy:

# ssh -D 8080 -N root@

Now point your web browser at the local SOCKS server.

Further Information

See ./icmptunnel -h for a list of options.


Please report any bugs on the Github project page at:

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