Wireless Interference and Multipath TCP.
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Wireless Interference and Multipath TCP

Barlow-Bignell, J, da Silva, C, Gjengset, J, and Oliha, P

MSc in Networked Computer Systems
University College London
September 2, 2013

This repository contains the report source and script source code for a project investigating wireless interference and its effect on Multipath TCP at University College London in September 2013.

In the report we evaluate the behaviour of Multipath TCP when using multiple WiFi interfaces on a single host, specifically with regard to how self-interference affects its ability to provide reliability and improved throughput.

Our results show that Multipath TCP can improve both reliability and throughput when using multiple WiFi links for both downlink and uplink traffic. In both cases, we show that on two idle wireless networks, Multipath TCP can achieve an aggregate throughput equal to the sum of both links. We also demonstrate how Multipath TCP behaves unfairly on the uplink when competing flows are present on any of the wireless networks.